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Parts & Accessories

Cardinal Valley uses genuine   Ingersoll-Rand accessories and application specific accessories and components in our starting system kits. We design starting system components to meet our customer's specific needs and applications.


Exhaust deflector # RR-EXD-99

This exhaust deflector is designed to safely redirect the air starting exhaust air towards the engine block and away from anyone standing near the starter.


Dual Starter Bracket # RR-BRK-D3F

Cardinal Valley's dual starter bracket fits the EMD 16-645 and 16-710 engines.

Washer Kit # CVNS-01

Washer Kit # CVNS-01

This washer and bolt are designed for the Ingersoll-Rand ST999 & ST1000 railroad air starter applications. Our washer features a chamfer bolt hole to allow the radius under the bolt head to clear the washer so the bolt head will seat evenly on the washer and the unique grease channel design on the bottom of the washer evenly distributes grease to the pinion.


Fitting & Piping Kit # RR-P1K-PF-SD40/50

This is an example of a retro-fit kit specifically designed for upgrading an existing air starting system on the SD40 & SD 50 locomotives. All of our kits are built using stainless steel braided hose.

"Butter Dish" Manifold
# RR-RS150-BD

"Butter Dish" Manifold # RR-RS150-BD

Cardinal Valley designed this "butter dish" style manifold a part of a retro-fit upgrade on the SD40 & SD50 locomotives. The design of this manifold allows air flow with little or no pressure drop.